Shared Support Maryland, Inc. provides Supports Brokerage through the New Directions Waiver (as well as through private pay). Shared Support only employs trained Support Brokers that comply with our core mission and values. 

Support Brokers responsibilities include (but not limited) to the following:

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Support Brokers
-  Complete training requirements as per the person's plan and request
-  For New Directions Waiver recipients support brokerage Support Broker Orientation conducted by
   DDA, et al is mandatory
- Support person/family to develop the Person Directed Plan and Budget
- Support person/family to develop the Person Centered job description that the team will follow
- Support person/family to manage the budget
- Support person/family to develop and utilize an emergency back-up plan
- Support person/family to manage services, people and time
- Support person/family to expand relationships, opportunities, skills, options and community connections
- Support person/family to recruit, hire, supervise and terminate staff
- Support person/family to implement New Directions Individual Plan And Budget
- Support person/family to be advocates for their support and within a broader system
- Advocate with and for the person/family
- Identify community and system resources that may assist the person/family to achieve what they want in life
- Work as a member of a team that includes person/family, supporters, resource/service coordinators, fiscal managers, local community resources, TASH project My Life Going Far, local funding personnel and systems
- Quality Assurance – circle meeting facilitation or co-facilitation, fundamental rights assurance, choice and control monitoring, incident reporting, following SSMD's Continuous Quality Improvement plan
- Any task accepted at a circle meeting or requested
Shared Support Maryland, Inc.
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